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Retreats are a major part of our practice of insight meditation. Doing many periods of sitting and walking meditation each day, concentration, energy and a continuity of mindfulness grow so that we may open our hearts and more clearly see the true nature of our experience.

Our retreats are silent and include periods of sitting and walking with occasional periods of instructions and guided meditation designed to deepen the practice. By sitting together we reinforce one another's efforts. Individual attention is available if a student needs clarification or assistance.

If you are interested in more information about a retreat, wish to obtain a registration form or would like to register, please click on the "Registration" link for the retreat listed below that you wish to attend.

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available on request. Financial Assistance Guidelines, the Scholarship Application and Deferred Payment Application forms are available on-line. Apply at least three weeks before the retreat and please register when applying, to assure we reserve a place for you. When possible, we invite scholarship recipients to assist with some of the tasks of the retreat, as part of receiving a scholarship. This is typically arranged between the recipient, the scholarship chair, and the retreat manager.

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Mid America Dharma 2015-2016 Retreat Schedule
Date Type of Retreat Teachers Location Registration Info Registration Opens On-Line Registration
Sept. 5-12, 2015 Residential  
Shaila Catherine
Philip Jones

Kansas City, KS

John Flaherty
Ph: 816-523-5061
E-Mail: registrar at midamericadharma.org
Open On-Line Registration
Oct. 18-24 Householder Retreat
Daylongs on Oct. 18 & 24, Evening Sittings Oct. 19-23
Robert Brumet

Kansas City

Aug. 18 On-Line Registration
Nov. 6-8 Non-Residential  
Joe McCormack


Sept. 6 On-Line Registration
Dec. 30, 2015- Jan. 3, 2016 Residential New Year Retreat  
Robert Brumet

Conception, MO

Oct. 30 On-Line Registration
Mar. 18-20 Non-Residential  
Bridget Rolens and Jon Yaffe

St. Louis

Jan. 18 On-Line Registration
May 20-22 Non-Residential  
Anushka Fernandopulle 

Kansas City area

Mar. 20 On-Line Registration
Aug. 6-13 Residential  
Shaila Catherine
Philip Jones

Kansas City area

May 6 On-Line Registration
Sept. 8-11 Residential, Aging & Awakening  
David Chernikoff

St. Louis

June 8 On-Line Registration
Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 Non-Residential  
Bridget Rolens

Springfield, IL

July 30 On-Line Registration
Oct. 16-22 Householder Retreat
Daylongs on Oct. 16 & 22, Evening Sittings Oct. 18 & 20
Robert Brumet

Kansas City

Aug. 16 On-Line Registration


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